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Longevity redefined. Your home for the tools to live a more joyful, inspired, and damn good life. Through a combined practice of yoga, pilates, and functional movement, we strengthen your body.  Through inspired public speaking and story telling, we strengthen your mind. Through advocacy for breast cancer and fertility, we strengthen your heart.


Sarrah Strimel-Bentley, Founder & CEO


A recent Breast Cancer Survivor and mother via surrogacy, Sarrah is an advocate for young women facing the same diagnosis.  She chronicled her journey on her Instagram, through "The Breast Cancer Diaries" and "The Surrogacy Diaries".  She also co-founded "A Damn Good Life",  a nonprofit that funds surrogacy journeys for breast cancer survivors that can't afford them.  She has partnered with Bloomingdales, Ford Motors, Eli Lilly, General Electric Health Care, Nature's Bounty, and Hologics on their breast cancer initiatives. She has been featured on Good Morning America, ABC News, and NY1.  She has appeared in seven Broadways shows and launched two successful yoga brands throughout her career.  Her  perosnal journey inspired her to coin the phrase "joy mining" and she lives each day mining the joy out of every moment.


She is available for speaking appearances, brand partnerships, and private/corporate yoga sessions around the world.

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